Saturday, September 11, 2010

Granada, Spain

A visit to this city is not complete until you experience the Alhambra.

We purchased the tickets a month in advance for the 2.00pm timeslot, as it is necessary to book ahead. It is a huge event to visit the Alhambra as eight thousand people visit per day. This is certainly one of the MUST VISIT locations in Spain! The magnificence of the palaces, including the military area, (Alcazaba) the palaces, the town or the Medina and the farming area (General Life). We spent six hours walking arund in wonder and amazement, with Rowan's camera almost suffering a "Melt Down"

We departed Granada next morning by car for Cordoba, driving through the very arid country side planted with Olive Trees for as far as the eye could see, interspersed with small white washed villages, with ocre coloured tiles roofs. We arrived in Cordoba after visiting the ruins of the Madinat Al Zahra, which is one of the largest archaeological sites in Europe. It depicts the Muslim presence dating back to the 10th Century on the Iberian Peninsula. At present only 10% of this site has been restored or recovered, which began in 1911.

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