Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Advance Party Hits Barcelona

Magnifico, Estupendos, Bueno, Bonzo Barcelona..............

Barcelona, an incredibly beautiful city - the different facets from the modern, to the gothic, the moorish influence to the harbour and the modern, teaming with life and energy.

We did the obligitory open "hop on, hop off" bus tour getting our bearings of the city, seeing all the sites, which was a natural lead-in to endless walking (much to Rowan's demise) taking in the other more intimate parts of the city. 

There was a definite high level of importance towards taking in the Catalan cuisene of fantastic Tapas, choices of seafood and Sangria, which to some was sometimes a little difficult apart from interacting with the wait staff and venue entertainers!!

"Who's serenading who"

Goudi's Magificent Architecture
The "Advance Party" are now about to move on to Granada, after what was some where Magnifico, Estupendos, Bueno, Bonzo experiences of Barcelona, where you can look forward to further updates!!!!

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