Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sam the Slipper - The Bronx, New York City

Hi there guys and dolls. I am most grateful to the French Aristo for tipping me off about this piece of action in Gibraltar. Talk about easy money! The Ironman is attracting a lot of interest on account of his great training program in Sydney. But the public don't know he is distracted by some committee rumble, so I am avoiding him. What is it with you guys and committees? I am only just getting over the Fortitude Plate committee. Now the Ironman has hired my collecting guys to rustle up some proxies. The foist time we collect such things, but it seems the same as calling in markers.

I am also not touching Creme Caramel and Creme Catalana. They are favourites with the Las Vegas and Chicago bookmakers, but I happen to know the Cremes are distracted by this committee thing too. Asked them if I could take care of a couple of candidates, but it seems they prefer to do it by the book.

The public is greatly confused by this Superglue dude. Great record, and way out there in the odds, but the public are thinking he will come unstuck with all those cervezas. I had a word to his trainer. Seems that Superglue needs these cervezas to avoid setting too early. Too risky for a flutter.

The Spiderwoman is carrying some very good form from the Plate, and is timing her arrival perfectly. But Big Fish had a whisper to me. Seems she is susceptible to some Spanish Fly, so I am avoiding her too. I am laying some scratch on Swampy and Jack Flash. Some protection for my big wager. Swampy is the master of tapas and will be in total command as the field works its way through the trials. And Jack Flash the steadier has the best sea legs in the business.

But in the end, it all comes down to the X Factor. This kid is a fantastic athlete, but has been fooling handicappers and the public for too long. Stevie Baby tells me he is up for a big one. He looks the goods. I am calling in all my markers to lay a motser on the X Factor. Forget the committees, the tapas and the cervezas. X Factor is the thing.

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  1. well sammy it looks like Cardinal Pell is at it again and trying to get the lime light while the boys and girls are away trying hard to raise money of a good cause . I am pleasured to report we have a lot in store for this little sammy in the future !!! and the results will surprise you all