Thursday, September 16, 2010

Team Training Swim

Prior to Swim Team Training Gathering

The team gather for training yet again, another swim while waiting for the weather to Improve to enable the swim to take place. Over night we had a change with rain with wind direction, which we are all hoping will be favorable to a change across the Gibraltar Strait.

All are now ready to go and do the swim as are all getting a bit tired of sitting around the township of Tarifa, bring on the swim ! !

Word has it the swim That Will take place on Friday , 17th September.

All The Team Reday to GO !!!!!!!!


  1. Thinking of you all at this time and wish you all the best for a happy and successful swim.
    With love, Penny (LPAC Squad)
    P.S. Jimmy - you're a hero to us ALL ;)

  2. Dear Jimmy, Jan and Jenny, and all of you, Good luck, thinking of your guys as you prepare to go. Swim hard, swim fast and we'll look forward to the stories when you come back....Jimmy....I'm sure there will be many! Cheers Robyn (LPAC Squad)