Friday, September 17, 2010


Summary of the trip to date.
Friday 17th September 11.20am
Originally the swim was scheduled for Tuesday 14th September but due to strong winds and now rain it has been deffered.  We are playing the waiting game having exhausted the local restaurants, pastry shops, clothing shops, churches (for sight seeing only) and villages within driving distance. The mob in various modes of transport ventured to Gibraltar, the English colony which was founded in the early 18th century.  Tony Bostock felt as if he was back home.  Rumour had it he found the only fish and chip shop in the town.

Why There Is No Swim Today

Our day starts with a 1200m swim, run along the beach and exercises.  Rapidly followed by breakfast which invariably includes coffee, museli, fresh fruit--stone fruit is still prevalent in the shops. Rosslyn had the good sense to bring her own home made muesli for breakfast. The next hour or so is a flurry of activity, ringing home to check and see that the dog has been walked, the mail cleared and that the stock exchange is still moving.

Rowan, our own special paparazzo has been following the group around busy clicking and catching various members of the group.  Found after a swim were Peter and James practising the full monty and frightening the locals, whilst the BBC boys merely looked on in amusement... seen it all before.  The BBC ladies demureley turned away and were heard to snigger. Jan had missed her husband's, Rowan, half monty efforts. 

Jack after apparently many successful driving forays has mastered the art of left hand driving on the right side of the road.  Kate scores the most points for back seat navigating.

Peter Mac has become an expert in the location of the little pastry shops and can identify them blindfolded by taste and smell.  Sandy attempts to lead him away from their true locations but he is elusive. However, he was heard this morning to say " I am over the restaurants and eating too much."  You can see the arm bent, hopefully not permanently.

Sandy, Anni and Kate are desperately waiting for the swimmers to go so that they have a totally unrestricted day for shopping.  They are no more desperate than us.  Awards will eventually be handed out to the most user of credit cards, this award is endorsed and subsided by the Westpac Bank.   The waiting game, whilst Morocco beckons,  is becoming more frustrating and tedious.  Bananas, powerade, health food bars are packed and ready for the WORD.

James and Jenny are leading the fashion stakes with personally embellished BBC tshirts, two off only. Next day they both turned up in pristine clean, brand new ESPANA tshirts.  We are envious, the rest of us only have the Team shirt.

Jon, our Number 1 leader is a true inspiration, he is constantly meditating and can be found in his room most hours of the day after checking out the local walking tracks.  This morning at 1100, whilst waiting for the CALL to swim, he was again in meditative mode.  He keeps chocolate by his bed, no doubt the gate way to Nirvana (and safe swimming).

It is has just been established, NO SWIM today. Hopefully Saturday.  Time is running out as is our patience. However we are resilient and keen so will fill the day in with more eating, walking, swimming and the inevitable laughter that accompanies the group.

The weather is warm and balmy and at least the water is good to swim in.

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