Monday, September 13, 2010

Cordoba & Seville

Cordoba is a town of approximately 17,000 people, with some of the narrowest streets and alley ways, which for an Australian attempting to drive was near impossible requiring mirrors to be folded against the car and guidance by the rest of the team.

We stayed in a quaint hotel opposite the Cathedral, which was a combination of Islamic, Christian and Jewish faith, originating in Muslim construction in the year 785 AD.

Staying in the centre of the oldedst part of the town allowed easy access to all of the most fantastic highlights which one would certainly want to see.

On departing for Seville, we took in two small walled villages, which were in typical Moorish style of architecture.

We arrived late afternoon in Seville, to tempratures in the high 30's and decided that walking was out of the question so we again attempted the "Jump On, Jump Off" site seeing bus. After discovering parts of the city we took in the El Toro Stadium, which is one of the active bull fighting arena's in Spain.

Today we have been on a river cruise where we viewed some of the worst architecture not in keeping with some of the beautiful sites already seen in Spain. This was building left over from the 1992 World Expo, which has now been abandonded.

Tomorrow we leave for Tarifa, to join the Team.

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