Saturday, September 18, 2010

Build Up To The Grand Finale

It's amazing what happens to a group of people when they arrive at the time of the "GRAND FINALE" of an event such as a swim across the Gibraltar Strait (ie Spain to Morocco).

Everyone has just received word that the whole group is to meet at Tarifa Harbour, at 8.00am tomorrow morning (Saturday, 18th September 2010) to embark on what will be one of the adventures of their lifetime, swimming across the Gibratar Strait, from Spain to Morocco.

As a result of this announcement the tensions build with all full of this amazing nervous energy. The amazing part of receiving such an announcement is that all of a sudden everyone starts to act really strange as you will see from some of the obvious actions taken by some of the group, as follows:

Peter McCormack feeling as though he has to bare his behind at every possible moment.

Peter comparing who has the best behind
Peter feeling he has the best behind on the beach

The Team feeling as though they can circle and take on a beast of sea
Is that a Shark
I am sure It Is, don't let It go!!! 
James Arnold feeling in need of what could be a last hug!!!
James gains courage from a last hug

Part of the team feel as though they have already completed the swim
No time for celebration the swim is tomorrow!!!

As you can see excitment has taken over the senses but the real test comes tomorrow from 8.00am, Saturday, 18th September 2010, when a courageous group of swimmers will cross the Gibraltar Strait, battlling against all odds including weather, super tankers and fast running currents> Stay tuned for further reports as the swim concludes around 5 - 6 hours from the 8.00am start time.   

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