Saturday, August 28, 2010

BBC Gibraltar Strait Swim: "T Shirt Kick Off"


  1. The other advance party of Kate ,Sandy ,Jack and Peter have arrived at Barcelona Spain and have completed three days of ocean training off the coast of Spain. The last day Peter managed to be attacked by a group of Portugese Man of war and suffered stings to his back hand and legs but is recovering well. The groups travel plans suffered a minor set back with the flight form Barcelona being delayed 4 hours !! and arriving late into Marrakech finishing a long day of hanging out at the airport. After a long sleep in the team managed to find a pool at the local Hotel to continue training in preparation for the swim on the 14th. After a wonderful three days staying at a wonderful guest house in the old city of Marrakech we leave for the coast tomorrow to the city Effoura.

  2. Two of the back markers are champing at the bit with six hours to go before departure from. Sydney. All your advance travels sound great but didn,t like the sound of the Portuguese man of war. Let's hope they stay where they were!

    Great report from Jan et al regarding the Alhambra Palace and we look forward to seeing it on Saturday. We will all have a lot to say when we meet up. What's new I hear you say. see you soon, Jenny and Jimmy